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mixSorb S

mixSorb S - průtočný analyzátor sorpce směsí plynů a průrazových křivek v adsorpčních kolonách

The mixSorb S series provides unique capabilities to investigate novel materials, like MOFs COFs etc. by mixed gas adsorption. Novel materials are in focus of research in recent last years. These materials can have very high selectivities due to their extraordinary surface chemistry and have to be investigated by mixed gas sorption for a deeper understanding of their sorption behavior.

In contrast to the mixSorb L series, the mixSorb S series is designed for very small sample amounts (powders). Especially R&D groups have now the possibility to measure new synthesized materials by complex dynamic sorption processes in a wide field of different gas- and gas/vapor-mixtures by using different parameters like: pressure, temperature gas velocity/dwell times, cycle tests and much more. These experiments allows to get data, next to the effective adsoprtion performance, of kinetics, co-adsorption phenomenon or displacement effects, sorption selectivities, data of gas mixture adsorption and heat balance of the sorption process.

By using of the available vapor option it is possible to work up to 2 completely independent evaporators to form fully automated individually gas/vapor mixtures fully automated. These data allows a profoundly look to co-adsorption phenomenon or displacement effects.

The related modeling software 3P sim made it possible to calculate and to modify pure gas isotherms as well as breakthrough curves  and to calculate the behavior of gas/vapor-mixture equilibria.

An overview of the models of the mixSorb S series can be found below:

Model S S eco S ambient SHP eco SHP
Rozpětí tlaku 0,1-10 bar 0,1-10 bar 0,1 bar - tlak okolí 0,1 - 35 bar 0,1 - 68 bar
počet MFCs


Přívodní tlak 15 bar 15 bar 15 bar 85 bar 85 bar
počet výparníků až 2
kontrola tlaku ano ano ne ano ano
simulační software ano volitelně ano volitelně ano
plynový senzor ano ne ano ne ano
TCD ano, 13 továrních nastavení ano, 1 tovární nastavení ano, 13 továrních nastavení ano, 1 tovární nastavení ano, 13 továrních nastavení
teplotní čidla v podavači vzorků až 4
objem vzorku <0,1-5 cm3, uživatelské adsorbenty na požádání
teplotní rozsah tepelného pláště teplota okolí - 400 °C
teplotní rozsah cirkulační lázně -20 °C – 90 °C


  • Determination of breakthrough curves
  • Investigation of co-adsorption and displacement
  • Determination of sorption selectivity
  • Estimation of applicability of synthesized materials in technical processes
  • Dynamic adsorption and desorption experiments
  • Determination of single- and multi-component adsorption data
  • Investigation of kinetic performance of novel materials
  • In-situ sample preparation up to 400 °C
  • Fully automated control via PC by using mixSorb Manager
  • Automated regulation of the adsorber pressure up to 8 bar
  • Up to 4 high precision mass flow controllers
  • Automated built-in gas and gas/vapor mixing
  • Measurement of inlet and outlet gas composition
  • Tempering of sample cell by thermostat automatically
  • Monitoring of pressure drop along the sample cell
  • Built-in Thermo Conductivity Detector (TCD); optional gas analysis via interfaced Mass Spectrometer
  • Safety guard sensor for flammable gases for automatic shut down
  • Enhanced Safety by intelligent illuminated workspace